English language courses

​​Studying English in Cheltenham at INTO University of Gloucestershire is a great opportunity to experience studying at an Accredited British Council centre on a beautiful university campus.

We have a number of different English language courses which are flexible, suitable for different levels and which are designed to give you a positive learning experience at the same time as helping you improve your English for academic study, for work and professional development, for examinations such as IELTS or Cambridge first certificate)  or for your own personal enjoyment. Courses takes place throughout the year including the summer. All our English Language courses are accredited by the British Council and are taught by qualified teachers of English as a Foreign Language.

Our English language courses include:

General English Intensive
You can study this from 2 to 23 weeks.

General English Year Abroad
You can study this from 24 to 48 weeks.

Academic English 
You can study this for up to 4 terms of 10 weeks each.

Pre-Sessional English
You can study this for 1 term before a university undergraduate (Bachelors).

Pre-Sessional (Pre-Masters English and Academic Study Skills) 
You can study this for 12 weeks before a postgraduate Master's course.

Study abroad with English
You can study this for 1 or 2 terms before studying subject modules at the university.

General English

Two courses are available: General English Intensive (for students who want to study between 2 and 23 weeks) and General English Year Abroad (for students who want to study between 24 and 48 weeks).

These courses run all year including the summer. The year is divided up into 4 terms and you can start most weeks. They are for all levels from beginner to advanced and the minimum age is 16.  You study for 20 hours a week. These courses can include examination preparation for IELTS, Cambridge Key English Test (KET) , Preliminary English Test (PET) , First Certificate (FCE)  or Advanced (CAE) depending on your level.

Find out more about the General English courses and apply
Find our more about the Cambridge examinations and apply​​.

English Language Summer Courses in Cheltenham

Our English language summer courses run from July through to September. We have two courses:

English Language ( includes General English and  options in examination preparation for IELTS , Cambridge First Certificate, British Culture and Business English)

Apply for English language summer courses.

Academic English

This intensive course is for students who need to develop their English before starting a university level or Foundation course. It is for students who have a pre-intermediate level of English (minimum IELTS 3 or equivalent) and the minimum age is 17. Students study for 30 learning hours a week, which consists of 25 hours of face-to-face teaching and 5 hours of teacher supported online language development. The course includes regular assessments to monitor your progress and personal tutorial support. The course is divided into terms of 10 or 11 weeks and the minimum period of study is 1 term. You must start this course at the beginning of the term.

Find out more about the Academic English course and appl​y.

Pre-Sessional English

This course is for students who need to improve their English level before starting an undergraduate (Bachelor’s) course. These courses run in the summer (July to September) and in the Autumn (September to December) for between 10 and 12 weeks. You study for 20 or 25 hours a week depending on your level and the course you want to progress to. You need to have a minimum of IELTS 5 overall to take this course. Find out more or apply for this course.

Pre- Sessional (Pre-Masters English and Academic Study Skills)

This course is for students who need to improve their English level  before starting a postgraduate (Master’s) course. These courses run in the summer (June to September) and in the Autumn (September to December) for 12 weeks. You study for 20 hours a week and the course consists of English for Academic Purposes, Research methods, Study skills and English for Business. You need to have a minimum level of IELTS 6 to take this course.

Study Abroad with English

This course is made up of one or two terms of English for University Study followed by a term or semester of university modules. Students with an IELTS level of 5 should study 2 terms of English: Students with an IELTS level of 5.5 should study 1 term of English. Students must be a minimum of IELTS 6 to start university modules. Find out more about study abroad with English.

All of the above courses include:

• A placement test when you arrive to find out your level of English, to help us make sure you are on the right course and to put you into a class at the right level
• Development of  listening, reading, writing, speaking, as well as pronunciation grammar and vocabulary and situational language 
• Development of study skills
• Regular homework and assessments (for example progress tests, presentations)
• Individual tutorials (meetings with a teacher) to talk about your studies and progress
• Student centred teaching and activities  (pairwork, group work as well as individual work)
• “Can Do” statements to show you what we expect students to do at different levels
• Teaching programmes written by teachers to show you what you will be studying every week
• Use of coursebooks and other published materials, use of the internet and computer based resources
• End of course certificates and reports

Some courses include examination preparation, British Culture and Academic English.

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