Cyber consultancy

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Protect your business from cyber-attack with training, consultancy and access to the latest technologies.

Cyber security is a rapidly growing global issue for businesses of all sizes in all sectors. From small-scale opportunistic hacks to large, full-scale organised attacks, cyber-crime is on the rise and all businesses are vulnerable. The good news is that there are many steps you can take to protect your organisation, from implementing new hardware and software applications, to training your people. 

The University of Gloucestershire’s School of Computing and Technology works with local and national partners to offer business-focused solutions. Take advantage of the latest cyber security technologies and practices and avoid what could be a devastating situation for your business.

Eye-opening cyber training to safeguard your business

From short, sharp masterclasses in managing data, to government-recognised Cyber Essentials accreditation, our expert trainers will open your eyes to the cyber risks around you and teach you how to minimise your exposure.

If you’re bidding for government security contracts, your business will need to reach specific levels of compliance. Cyber awareness is increasingly becoming a mark of differentiation for businesses, helping them stand out from the competition. Our expert staff are able to bridge the gap between the technical jargon and the needs of your business and get you to the standard you need for success.

Stay ahead of the curve with cutting edge cyber consultancy

The first step to being more secure is to understand your areas of weakness. Our consultants will identify your vulnerabilities and help you implement a robust strategy that minimises the threats to your business.

We can provide network security assessments and penetration testing. We use the latest techniques and equipment to hack your systems and will show you how to plug the gaps. We have access to cutting-edge hardware and software and can help you develop secure system architectures that protect your assets. Ask us about cyber consultancy and developing applications for your business.

Secure cyber technologies to put your business through its paces

With a high-performance computer, X-listed dirty lab facilities and secure conferencing and training suites, you can access state-of-the-art equipment for infrastructure modelling, systems testing and cyber forensics.

Find out about accessing these highly specialised tools to solve the cyber challenges facing your business and see the investment we’re making in the School of Computing and Technology.

Help shape the cyber security industry

Staying ahead of cyber criminals is a huge challenge. Help us shape graduates who are ready for work, who are up-to-date with the latest thinking and techniques, and who will protect the businesses of tomorrow. We’re always on the lookout for inspiring guest-speakers from industry so please get in touch.