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Business and Partnerships

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As a business, increase performance with expert services and highly-skilled students and graduates. As a school or FE provider, engage your students with higher education as a worthy progression into a career.

Business partnerships

Partnerships are designed to improve the performance of your business with expert services through The Growth Hub, and industry-savvy students and graduates through work placements and internships. Make the most of the university through consultancy, business start-up support and our Student Media Project. You, your business and colleagues can also benefit from our content-rich professional development and short courses, run across a range of business and community subjects.

Recruiting students and graduates

The Future Plan team at the University of Gloucestershire is responsible for working with business and third sector organisations to support your talent development and recruitment needs. We can provide you with access to a pool of keen and talented students equipped with new ideas and the latest industry knowledge and skills. We are proud of creating purposeful partnerships for mutual benefit and are especially focused on offering you routes to engage early on in our students' careers to ensure they have the skills, attributes and attitudes you need. Find out more about recruiting students for work experience opportunities, volunteering placements or part-time and full-time employment, including contact details.

You can also advertise job vacancies to students and graduates on our dedicated employers' portal, and attend our career and employability events. You can raise your company profiles through targeted marketing, sponsorships and presentations to students.

Schools and FE Colleges

Activities and events will engage your students with higher education as a valuable progression route into a career. Of particular focus are those students who may not have considered higher education before but for whom a HE qualification would open up valuable career and life opportunities. We also host events to keep HE advisers up-to-date with higher education policies and UCAS application processes.


Be an active member of the University of Gloucestershire alumni to mentor current students, network, volunteer, give careers advice and offer work placement opportunities. Enrolling as a student at the university is just the beginning of a lifelong relationship that is important to us both.


Procurement information and guidance for suppliers and potential suppliers of the University of Gloucestershire.

Collaborative provision

The university has a defined set of partnership arrangements, known collectively as collaborative provision. This provision includes: academic validation, academic franchise and off-campus delivery. Download the current list of collaborative partners and courses. For further information, contact

‘Degree-awarding bodies take ultimate responsibility for academic standards and the quality of learning opportunities, irrespective of where these are delivered or who provides them. Arrangements for delivering learning opportunities with organisations other than the degree-awarding body are implemented securely and managed effectively.’ - QA Quality Code for Higher Education 

Expectation in Chapter B10: Managing higher education provision with others (p.9). The university follows processes found in the Academic Quality and Partnerships Handbook in order to achieve the expectation set in Chapter B10 of the QA Code for Higher Education.

Sustainability partnerships

The university is continually working to extend its partnerships and share learning and practice in sustainability. Read about our current sustainability partnerships.