Students help injured whilst on a field trip in Florida during the Orlando Massacre.

Published: 05/10/2016 12:39

 During a field trip to Orlando, organized by the University of Central Florida, 19 students from the University of Gloucestershire experienced the June 11th massacre. 

The Criminology students went to Orlando as part of a 2 week exchange visit where they would have 10 days of academic study examining policing within the state of Florida and 4 days of free time. As part of their visit they were invited for a ride along to shadow police officers from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department so they could see what challenges officers encounter on a nightly basis throughout the city.  Unfortunately, a major shooting occurred that night at Pule nightclub and all officers were on duty with the students. Instead of sitting in the car and waiting for a ride home the students practiced what they had learned and instinctively went to help those that were wounded. Their help was essential as they helped injured people to ambulances to ensure they were seen too quickly.

This program is part of the university's wider commitment to support all of our students to gain the breadth of skills, insight and experience that will prepare them well for successful careers and rewarding lives. Although they encountered an unfortunate event, it gave them experience and an insight to what the real world is like.

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