Information for parents


Information for parents and guardians

As parents of students at the University of Gloucestershire, we understand that you want your son/ daughter to feel able to achieve their best. As a university we are committed to providing a supportive and positive environment for all. Coming to university can be a big adjustment, both for students and for you. Sometimes students encounter personal or academic difficulties. The university has a number of specialist support services to aid students through challenging times, and enable them to fulfill their potential.

You can find out more about the support available through our Student Services Department by visiting our student support pages on our website.

The university also works closely with a number of local and statutory services where necessary and appropriate.

A student may choose to access support via any of our services. Student Services colleagues communicate closely with each other (within the bounds of confidentiality) to provide comprehensive and holistic support and will refer students where appropriate.

Important information about parents contacting the university

UK law (the 1998 Data Protection Act) and university policy prohibit the disclosure of an individual’s information to a third party. This means that staff members at the university are unable to give any information about a student currently studying at the university to a third party. This includes parents, other family members, friends etc. (All universities in the UK follow similar guidelines and are bound by the same legislation).

This means that if you make contact with any member of the university and ask about your son or daughter, staff will not be able to divulge any details concerning their academic progress, their wellbeing, their attendance etc. For this reason, we encourage parents and students to keep in regular contact with each other.

We realise that this can sometimes be frustrating, but hope you appreciate the reasons for this.
In general, students are expected to act on their own behalf when dealing with staff and departments within the university, and when requesting services or making complaints.

(In certain exceptional circumstances and with the student’s written consent, we may communicate with a third party, if the university deems it is in the interests of those concerned).

What to do if you have concerns

If you have concerns about your son or daughter, in the first instance you should encourage them to contact Student Services.

If you are concerned because you have not been able to contact your son/ daughter, and you are worried about their wellbeing, you can make contact with the university. We will take the details of your son/ daughter, contact them on your behalf to let them know that you have contacted us, and ask them to make contact with you. The onus will be on the student to contact parents, and staff will not generally get back in touch with parents direct. If you wish to contact the university, please telephone Student Services via our Helpzone Service on 01242 714444 or email

For other concerns, whilst staff cannot talk to you about your son/ daughter, they are always willing to listen to your concerns and give generic advice and information.

If an emergency takes place on campus appropriate staff will contact the next of kin (without the student’s permission), if it is deemed appropriate. This would normally be on the advice of the emergency service.

The university offers help to students in difficulty, and we strongly encourage students to proactively engage with Student Services should help be required. It is important that it is recognised that your sons and daughters are adults living in an adult environment, and we encourage and expect them to be independent and take responsibility for their own wellbeing. The university takes the pastoral care of students very seriously, but it does not have parental responsibility and can only offer support if approached by the student. In cases where the student is thought to be at risk, appropriate action will be taken by those concerned. Please note that this is rare.