How we use tuition fees

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Sources of income

As this diagram below shows, the funding to run the University comes from several sources - the largest of which is tuition fees from students (UK and international).

Sources of income diagram 


The importance of tuition fees

With changes to government funding, tuition fees account for more of our income. This diagram below shows how this money is spent.

What does your £9,000 student fee pay for?

Student fee thermometer

What does each pound of your £9,000 student fee pay for?

Student fee one pound coin explanation


Here are some examples of where your student fees are spent each year:

Teaching and research 1,200 academic staff contributing to Your Future Plan 141 full undergraduate degree courses offered
Library, IT and academic services £572k invested in books, journals and periodicals £200k invested in Wi-Fi for halls of residence
Student services including Students' Union and bursaries 1,206 bursaries worth over £1.5m £343k grant for the Students Union
Estates and facilities £1.6m on developing facilities for new Fashion degree £215k spend on building a new Faith Space
Administration, marketing and central services 945 fee waivers worth £1.5m £330k spent on outreach working in schools encouraging students into higher education
Investment for the future For future university projects. This year, over £4m has been spent on key projects