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Undergraduate induction


Induction – starts 19 September

We are really looking forward to welcoming you here in September and have planned an induction week to help ease you into your new life as a student and get the best out of your time here.

You can visit our official Freshers' Facebook page to get the latest information, meet fellow new students and ask us any questions you may have.


Your Induction

If your course isn’t listed here or if you have any queries, please contact our Enquiries team on 03330 141414 or email

Handy induction info:

Remember, if you have any questions about your first days or weeks at university, please contact us. Each campus has a Helpzone, and staff here can be contacted by email or telephone 01242 714444.

Activating your online account

Your university network account gives you access to all the university’s online facilities including Student Records Online, email and our e-learning environment - Moodle.

If you have already used the Applicant Portal then the password you used to access this will allow you to access Online Enrolment from 6 September. The following describes the steps you should go through to access the network for the first time.

Get online
  1. Log in to the university network for the first time by accessing the Password Self-Service Portal. Click on the ‘register for forgotten password reset' button. Your user name is your 7-digit student number preceded by a lower-case 's' (e.g. s1234567) and your initial password is your date of birth in the format DDMMYYYY.
  2. Change your password and register for password recovery. After changing your password, complete the registration process for forgotten password recovery and then close your web browser to ensure that the password reset process completes correctly.

Once you have logged on to your university account and changed your password then you will be able to access Online Enrolment.

Need help?

If you have difficulties logging in, please contact the IT Helpdesk via email or telephone 44 (0)1242 714044.

Enrolling on your course

Before you arrive at university, you need to enrol and pay any outstanding tuition fees. You can do all this online from 6 September.

To log on, you'll need your seven-digit student number (starting with an 's') and your password for logging onto the university’s network.

If you need help logging onto the system see our online enrolment page or download the step-by-step guide.

Don't forget to apply for your ID Card.

Apply for your ID card now

Make sure you apply for your card before 6 September, to ensure it is ready for you to collect on your arrival.

Your university ID card gives you access to university facilities, discounted use of the local bus service and allows you to borrow and reserve books from the library and pay for photocopying and printing. It is also required for access to exams. You can apply for your ID card before you enrol to ensure it's ready when you arrive but you must have activated your online account (see above) beforehand. Remember you need to have a pic ready to upload.

You will be asked to upload a digital photograph of yourself (in JPEG format). The photograph should be a recent photograph, be of passport quality, taken against a light, plain background and be a close-up of your head and shoulders facing the camera. A head and shoulders selfie is fine, just ensure it’s appropriate.

Your ID card will be available for collection from your 'home' campus library. To collect your ID card you will need to produce your Certificate of Enrolment. (Other arrangements will be made for students studying at a distance)

If you have any technical issues when applying for your ID card you may need to refresh your browser. If you still encounter problems, please email our IT Helpdesk or call on 01242 714044.

Moving in

Moving in to halls of residence or a student house? Or planning to live locally and commute? Whatever your plan, we'll help get you settled straight away.

Moving in to halls of residence?

All students move in on the weekend of 17/18 September. Please check your room offer or Halls Portal for arrival times. There will be a host of university staff and students (Students’ Union Freshers’ volunteers) on hand to assist, welcome you and make you feel at home.

A link to the Halls Portal is provided to students who receive a room offer.

Moving into university managed housing?

If you’re moving into university managed housing, your move-in date is Friday 16 September between 10am and 3pm. On the same day there will be a welcome talk at 5pm at Francis Close Hall campus.

Moving into private rented housing?

If you’re moving into a private rented house you are invited to a housing welcome talk at 5pm at Francis Close Hall campus on Saturday 17 September.

On Saturday 17 September all students will have the opportunity to register with the medical centre, enjoy the welcome BBQ and Students’ Union events.

Welcome events

There will be a Welcome BBQ on each campus on the evening of Saturday 17 September with activities in the Students' Union bars.

For those living privately and locally, there will be a housing Welcome Talk at 4.30pm, Francis Close Hall campus, on Saturday 17 September. You will receive further information from the Accommodation Team.

On Saturday 17 September, all students have the opportunity to register with the medical centre and collect their student cards from the library. Halls students can also check their contents insurance that's included in the rent.

If you have any accommodation queries, email for halls of residence queries and for any external housing or university managed housing queries. You can also visit the accommodation webpages.

Still looking for accommodation?

We can help you find shared flats and houses to rent. Our Accommodation Team has a database of properties available for either registered housing or registered lodgings. These properties are then exclusively advertised to University of Gloucestershire students via

Welcome meetings

One of the first activities is your 'Welcome Meeting' which will be on Monday 19 September.

We will send you details of exactly when (time) and where (campus) this will take place with handy guide #2, before you join us. Please make sure you go to your Welcome Meeting since it is here that you will find out about the other activities planned.

We cannot stress enough the importance of the welcome week and induction to help you make your first step into university life, so please prioritise this over other activities.

Got a query?

Remember, if you have any questions about your first days or weeks at university, then please contact us. Each campus has a Student Helpzone, and staff here can be contacted by email or telephone 01242 714444.

Are you an international student?

If you're an international student joining us in September, see details about the International Welcome Week which takes place between Sunday 11 September and Friday 16 September, on the international webpages.

What you need to do – before you arrive

Before you go through the checklist, just make sure you’ve got the following things to hand:

  • A photo of yourself. A passport-style head and shoulders photo of yourself, saved on your computer/phone and ready to upload. A head and shoulders selfie is fine, just ensure it’s appropriate.
  • Your seven digit ‘student number’. It starts with an ‘s’ and can be found on the letter sent with this booklet.
  • Your password. Your password is the one you created when you accessed our Applicant Portal to view your offer or upload documents. If you did not do this then your initial password is your date of birth (DDMMYYYY).
Here to help

Essentials checklist

University ID card

You can apply for your University of Gloucestershire ID card now. Log on to the Applicant Portal and upload your photograph. Please upload your photograph before the 5 September 2016 to ensure your ID card is ready for you to collect when you arrive. You do not have to be enrolled to do this.


You can complete online enrolment from 5 September. Please enrol as soon as possible – a delay may impact on the release of any financial support you may be entitled to.


Sort appropriate funding for your tuition fees and living costs, and set up a student bank account (with an interest free overdraft if possible). Save up a small amount of money over the summer just in case your student loan is delayed by a few days - £100 should be about right.


If you are still looking for somewhere to live, email our accommodation team for upcoming house-hunting events or visit our accommodation page for more information.

Meningitis Vaccine

Due to an increase in cases of meningitis type W, Public Health England has announced that new first year students (aged under 25) are now recommended to have the Meningitis ACWY vaccine. This is different from the previous meningitis C vaccine. We strongly encourage you to make an appointment with your local GP to have this vaccine before coming to the university.

If you are unable to get vaccinated before starting university then please book for vaccinations at registration on move-in day. If you study in Cheltenham (Park or Francis Close Hall campus) you’ll be supported by the University Medical Centre, run by the Underwood Surgery. If you’re studying in Gloucester (Oxstalls campus) we are linked to the doctor’s surgery adjacent to Oxstalls campus (Cheltenham Road Surgery).

For more information see the NHS website.


Ensure you have appropriate insurance arrangements if you’ll be living away from home and not in halls of residence (where contents insurance is included in your rent).

Course induction

Check your course welcome meeting time and course induction timetable on this page (available from August) and pop it in your diary or phone.

You may also want to:

Apply for an NUS card

Apply for an NUS (National Union of Students) extra card, which enables you to access hundreds of discounts both online and in store.

Double-check if you need to buy any kit or do any course-specific reading. Some courses require a DBS check.


Check out our top tips for what to pack in your first handy guide which will arrive with you by post on results day.

Check out the Students’ Union website for a taster of the events, clubs and societies you can get involved with and for details about Freshers’ Fortnight, which will take place between Saturday 17 September and Sunday 1 October.

What you need to do – when you arrive

On your first day

Arrival details

Look at your accommodation offer, detailing arrival information such as when and where.

Staff help

Residential Assistants and Freshers’ Volunteers staff are on hand to help you.

Welcome BBQ

Attend the Welcome BBQ on your ‘home campus’ and get to meet fellow new students.

First few days

Collect your ID card

Collect your university ID card when you move into university halls of residence or from your campus library. This is one of the most important things you need to do! You must have enrolled before you can do this (so remember to bring your Certificate of Enrolment either in paper or displayed clearly on your mobile device).

Important: You will not receive any loan or grant payments until you have collected your university ID card, so the payment date will be at least 3-5 working days from the date published on your payment schedule from Student Finance. If you have any queries, please contact our money advice team.

Good to know: Please carry this card with you on campus at all times. As well as giving you access to university facilities, your ID card allows you to borrow and reserve books from the library, and pay for photocopying and printing. You may also be asked to show it to security or a university staff member.

Enjoy University life

During your first week

Welcome meeting

It’s vitally important that you attend your course welcome meeting.

Course induction

Make sure you attend your course induction sessions.

Personal tutor

Meet your Personal Tutor.


Enrol and pay fees online, if you haven't done so already.


Register with the University Medical Centre or associated GP surgery. If you study in Cheltenham, you’ll be supported by the Medical Centre situated at Park campus. If you’re studying in Gloucester, we are linked to a doctor’s surgery adjacent to Oxstalls campus.


Register with a local dentist, especially if you are not able to easily visit your home dental practice while at university.

SU events

Visit the Students' Union to collect any events tickets you've purchased and to collect your NUS Extra card, if you’ve bought one.


Log in and check the Student News Infonet homepage and your university email account.

Module timetable

Review your module lecture timetable on your Student Records online.

Freshers’ Fayre

Attend the Students’ Union Freshers’ Fayre on Wednesday 21 September from 11am until 4pm at Park campus.

Sports kit - required for most sports courses

Our TeamGlos sports kit is a requirement for students when they do practical activity or take a work or community placement. Please order your core kit, it will then be mailed to you in advance or will be ready for your collection on campus during Induction Week.

Phone home!

Don’t forget to tell your parents or guardians that you’re okay and starting to settle in. They’ll appreciate it.

Student Helpzone

Don’t forget our Helpzone staff are there to help with any problems or queries by calling 01242 714444.

During your first month


Enjoy university life on your chosen course. Check your lecture times, start being taught by experts in their field about the subject that you love.

TV licence

Get a TV licence if owning or living in a household with a TV. Check your tenancy agreement for conditions, or seek advice from our accommodation team.


Meet with a Student Disability Adviser if you have a registered disability, on-going medical condition or specific learning difficulty that may not have been disclosed or discussed with the university before you arrived.

Library induction

Learn more about how libraries can support your study by attending a library induction.

Social events

Get to know fellow students by attending social events or joining an SU club or society and have some fun!

Key dates

Make sure you don't miss any important meetings, talks and events in your first few weeks.

Friday 16 September

  • Moving in day for those moving into university managed housing (10am – 3pm).
  • Welcome talk at 5pm at Francis Close Hall campus for those moving into university managed housing.

Saturday 17 September

  • Moving in day for those moving into halls of residence
  • Accommodation Welcome Talk at 4.30pm, Francis Close Hall campus (for those living in private rented housing)
  • Register with the doctors
  • Campus welcome BBQ and Students' Union activities

Sunday 18 September

  • Students’ Union activities (TBC)

Monday 19 September

  • Your course Welcome Talk (find your Induction timetable online from August)

Wednesday 21 September

  • Freshers' Fayre - from 11am until 4pm at Park campus - clubs, societies, volunteering and freebies!

International students:

If you're an international student joining us in September, see details about the International Welcome Week which takes place between Sunday 11 September and Friday 16 September, on the international webpages.