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Information Security

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Your staff will learn about current security threats and how to tackle them - and how to identify and mitigate future risks, keeping your business safe.

Digital technology is transforming our global economy. It facilitates virtually every business transaction and it is enabling us to communicate faster than ever before. But in addition to the many opportunities new technologies present, our increasing digital dependency means that ensuring ongoing cyber security improvement is paramount for all businesses.

Immediate wins

Our higher apprenticeship in information security will provide your business with access to cutting-edge information security solutions, immediately.

Through our expert teaching, your staff will learn about current security threats and how to tackle them - and how to identify and mitigate future risks. Our first-class computing facilities will provide them with access to the latest hardware and software, meaning they will be on the leading edge of this rapidly developing industry.

Work-based learning forms an integral part of this programme and complements the classroom content. All apprentices must be employed in relevant industry roles because they will be applying what they have learned in your workplace from day one – so the gains for your business will be immediate.

What’s more, assignments that tackle real world scenarios are a key component of this apprenticeship. Therefore your staff can develop solutions to some of the current challenges faced by your business as part of their learning.

Apprentice job roles

Apprentices will typically be:

  • Network administrators
  • System administrators
  • IT support workers.

This is a level 5 apprenticeship, meaning the level of study is the equivalent to that of an undergraduate degree. As such, some apprentices will be new to the world of work while others will be established professionals looking to develop their skills as part of their career progression.

Embedding our higher apprenticeships into your staff development offer will not only make your organisation more attractive to new recruits, it will also help you to retain the best people you already have.

Development commitment

This apprenticeship offers learners a flexible approach to study, therefore the specific arrangements would be agreed with you and your employees prior to the course start date.

The most common duration of study is two years and would typically include the equivalent of one day per week at university. There will also be an element of assessment within the workplace and we would develop a programme of mentoring in partnership with you, to help you get the best out of both the apprentice and the apprenticeship.

Throughout the apprenticeship, the learner would need to be fully employed (this is a requirement), for a minimum of 30 hours per week.

Funding opportunities

There is currently funding available to support this programme, meaning that your business could pay as little as 50% of the cost. Call us on 01242 715400 or email to find out more.

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