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Chartered Manager degree apprenticeship

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A new standard. Taking your leaders to the highest level of professional performance and recognition available.

Our Chartered Manager degree apprenticeship (CMDA) provides world-class education, work-based learning and a professional pathway for future leaders.

Designed for talented career entrants and those already employed in management roles with the ambition to succeed, apprentices will immediately gain a solid grounding in all aspects of business management. First year topics include business law, marketing principles and understanding financial information. However, we know that nobody understands your organisation like you do; so we will work with you to customise the apprenticeship and build the knowledge, skills and behaviours that will have the maximum positive impact on your business.

The University of Gloucestershire is working in partnership with the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and as part of this apprenticeship learners will achieve Chartered Manager status; the highest status that can be achieved in the management profession. Join other top UK businesses, including Barclays, Boots and Virgin Media, who are already reaping the rewards of the CMDA.

Immediate wins

This degree challenges your staff to apply their learning to their workplace setting. The impact on your business is immediate. You will observe a positive change in their ability to see the big picture, their leadership behaviours and their appetite to sustain success.

They will study topics including leadership in practice, global operations management and innovation and entrepreneurship. Personal-professional skills will also be developed.

As part of this apprenticeship learners will gain a degree in Business Management (BSc Hons). This means that apprentices gain a formal qualification whilst developing an extensive portfolio of real-world experience.

Apprentice job roles

This is a level 6 apprenticeship and apprentices will typically be:

  • Managers
  • Senior managers
  • Operations managers
  • Heads of department.

Alternatively, apprentices may be new to leadership roles but must be able to demonstrate their potential to succeed.

Apprentices must be employed in order to undertake the degree apprenticeship, so they can demonstrate the practical application of their learning. As such, job roles must allow sufficient opportunities for apprentices to undertake work-based activities and tasks, implement their learning, and evidence knowledge and skills.

Including our degree apprenticeship as part of your talent management programme will not only make your organisation more attractive to new recruits, it will also help you to retain your best people and assure business success. Research confirms that Chartered Managers add £391,443 of value to their organisations.

Development commitment

The CMDA requires a commitment of up to four years, although the exact duration will be dependent on the previous experience of the individual - experienced managers may be able to complete in around two years while school leavers and those with limited experience may require longer. We will work with you to agree the projected duration before the apprenticeship begins.

Apprentices will spend 20% of their time learning and 80% of their time putting learning into practice in the workplace. Assessment is largely by assignments, which are centred around your business and are informed by the apprentice's role and responsibilities. Examinations may be included for the degree aspects of the programme. Off-the job training and assessment will take place as part of the apprentice’s paid working hours.

This apprenticeship is supported by a programme of mentoring, so that you get the best out of both the apprentice and the apprenticeship.

Funding opportunities

There is currently funding available to support this programme. Call us on 01242 715400 or email to find out more.

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